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"Tried out Nice Day feminine hygiene sanitary pads. You can definitely tell these products are chemical free by the way they smell when you open them. I really only purchase products that are chemical free and no longer buy based on large name brand. I do not want chemicals that I don't know about going into my body. Nice Day products not only are chemical free/all natural, but also get the job done during that time of the month. Would highly recommend these products to anyone. Looking forward to Nice Day also coming out with tampons in the future as well." - Katie T.

"I am the Vice President of RockBold, a company specializing in product placement in E-Commerce and retailers (Europe and the Americas). I had the opportunity to try Nice Day products. This product is just perfect. This pad is very comfortable and not bulky. I almost forget it. It really helps with odor and menstrual pain. I could see a big difference, and now after trying these products, I cannot wait to find them in stores or online."     -Monia A.

"It may not seem like it would be a big deal, but personal items like feminine hygienic pads have really serious brand loyalty. I've tried tons over the years, and most pad brands are extremely uncomfortable, leaking through, or even fall apart. I will not use any other brand, period.
I LOVE this brand as much as anyone can be a fan of pads. Well. I like the bright colorful packaging;something about these colors just puts me in a better mood. They fit very comfortably, are unscented, very absorbent & do not leak. And most important is the immediate improvement they provide to my menstrual cycle, both physically and mentally." 
- Angela M.

"Each year, nearly 20 billion sanitary pads are being sold and are dumped into North American landfills, and it takes centuries for them to biodegrade inside plastic bags. In addition to that, it requires high amounts of fossil fuel energy to produce the plastic for these products, resulting in a large carbon footprint. Not cool right?  Well, look no more.  Nice day pads and pantiliners are ALL YOU NEED when in that time of the month.  A product that works and has many benefits, and, most importantly, it's Environmentally Sustainable!!! I would recommend this product and have given samples to my friends to try and believe me, never will I buy another brand again." -Marjorie Relano, Account Manager, Walmart US.

"Hello, viewers my name is Donna I am a former store Manager of Family Dollar and a current employee of the DEA. I met the owner of these products 4 months ago. I can say I truly enjoyed these products over the other brand. I have horrible cramps/heavy bleeding; this brand eliminates odors, and cramps. To me, it's like so comfortable. I usually wear two pads however, with nice day you only need one pad. If you ladies can pay $7.00 dollars for the other brands you can pay the same for this brand. Oh, this company also has pantyliners. I am so ready to purchase more of these products. Ladies, when you find something that works, stick to it!!! I am a customer forever." - Donna K

"This product is truly fantastic. The ladies who tried it swear by it. It helped them with no cramps and no odor. So comfortable to wear, you forget you're wearing a pad. I guess it's the pure Herbal collection of products they use to make this phenomenal pad. Good Luck Ladies in using this Pad; you will love it!" - DeeDee from Chicago

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