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Make Period Day a Nice Day

Your monthly menstrual period is a natural part of life, so why should it stand in your way of living your life to the fullest? With the right monthly menstrual protection, you can enjoy your everyday activities with confidence despite the presence of your period. Nice Day pads are made out of highly absorbent, 100% natural materials that capture flow and lock it away without the use of harmful chemicals. You go the extra mile to stay natural, why should your pad be any different? With our pads, you can have a Nice Day every day.


Special Herbal Core Brings Balance to Body and Mind



All natural, all you. 100% Biodegradable.

Nice Day pads are made with 100% natural materials. That means we leave out the harmful glues, chemicals and synthetic polyester found in other pads. We believe that wellness is a lifestyle, not a passing fad. Our patented pure Angelica Cyperus Rotundus herbal core is made with a scientifically proven ancient herbal blend. The ultra-absorbent core is infused with herbs that support the significant improvement of both the physical and mental discomforts that often accompany your period.

"The natural way to manage your period."

Powerful Preparation

Natural relief from PMS symptoms.


What makes this pad so unique are the medicinal properties of the herbal strip in the core. Using a proprietary method, herbs are ground into microscopic particles which are smoke -infused gently into the all natural ultra-absorbent core. Angelica, known for it's powerful healing properties, and wormwood, used in ancient medicine as a pain reliever, come together to provide relief from common PMS symptoms like, pain, nausea, fatigue, irritability and headaches. The formula helps to bring and keep balance to the body and inner-being, while providing essential comfort and freshness.

Treat PMS Naturally

Get back to being yourself.


Natural & Safe

We are proud to provide our customers with a safe, natural, biodegradable alternative to standard maxi pads. Nice Day products have been tested and approved by the FDA in the United States and the European Union in Europe. Find our profile on RangeMe. We're a RangeMe/ECRM Verified business!

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